Making Process

The Production of braids has to go through many processes as it is said,
"The braiding requires patience".
It starts with a doubling process: splitting silk yarns which has gone through degumming process; taking out the quantity necessary for the braiding; and combining several yarns which are winded to a small winder, to one yarn. Then, these combined yarns are twinned to make easier to braid, measured by calculating the braided products such as bands or cords, and passed to dying process.
Degumming   Splitting   Doubling
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Filature   Measuring   Twinning
The colorants used for dyeing are seven. Choosing colorants to blend and their fraction or density is figured out from experience and sense of the dyeing artists. They dye yarns delicate shades by changing fraction of blends or density. After yarns are dyed, they are cut to the length right for the braiding.
Dyeing   Cutting   Braiding
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    Finishing   Tufting
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