Yamanaka family 1st - 3rd
Waichi the 2nd
Hirokichi the 3rd
Wife of 2nd
Wife of 1st
Tsunetaro the 1st
Wife of 3rd
At 1931 1st master's 60years old birthday,supecialdaiy in Japan.

1st master Tsunetaro Yamanaka "Chiegi" "Chieita" ( woodenpazzle continues from the Edo era) were created as new wood-work"Kumiki" by Tsunetaro Yamanka.

The 1st master Tsunetaro Yamanaka was born in 1874 in Odawara.
At first he studied under "Awabiya",and studied under famous master Hikotaro Kondo.
At 1897,he established work shop and began to make "Andon pillow"(wooden box pillow with the drawer for accessories).He was skilled, and his product had very high quality , so ,he was evaluated much.

Then, he shifted to "Kumiki"
Traditionally, "Kumiki" had comparatively simple shape such as square or round shape.
He changed the structure and form, and he made a basis of today's various "Kumiki". He designed many vehicles new in Western style as that time, such as a "sidecar", a "motorcycle", an "airplane", a "tricycle", a "car", and an "airplane.".But also he taked up Japanese things, such as a "folded paper crane", "Yomeimon gate", and a "five-storied pagoda"

The simplified form and the result show us the design power accepted beyond the age.
Those days, it is guessed that the deformation so far would be a remarkable adventure.
We can see the aspect of the originator of a "Kumiki" there.

Folded paper crane 1920's
Five-storied pagoda 1929
Kingyo 1929

2nd master Waichi Yamanaka

Waichi Ymanaka devised new structure of "kumiki" and assumed reputation of Yamanaka wood works.
2nd master Waichi concentrated on the design of the new structure of "Kumiki".But regrettably, he died at the age of 42 in 1943.
He produced "Sports Kumiki""A heavy gun with tank"which consists of a time background of those days and famous buildings in the worlds such as "Japaanese Donjon" , "Leaning Tower of Pissa"," ""London bridge"etc.
We can see in his works very good harmony of structure and form. The reputation of the "Yamanaka woodworks" was raised up higher by him.
1930's Nagoya Castle
1918`1933 Sport player series

3rd master Hirokichi Yamanaka

Hirokichi Yamanaka had the belief "It was the animal which is loved by everybody", and spread "Kumiki" in the world with "Animal Kumiki"
4th master Shigeo
3rd master Hirokichi
At 1978.nov.
3rd master Hirokichi devised a lot of "Animal Kumiki". " It was the animal which is loved by everybody" was his belief.He continued to produce innumerable toys, post WWII.
He rebuilded his studio immediately after the end of the war and extended the business to export and did his best for spreading "Kumiki" in the world.
Under the belief , he produced "The animal of the twelve zodiacal signs""Elephant" "Lion" "Pig" "Hippo" "Camel" "Alligator" etc.
Moreover, he also devised the thing in alignment with times, such as a "Flying disk", a "rocket", and "space station" "Sputnik."
The form of the simplified animals is interesting and rich in the refined wit.
Animal Kumiki"elephant" devised in 1931 won the good design prize 2007.
Mother and child of monkey
Elephant & Hippo

4th Shigeo Yamanaka

The new trend is blown into abstraction from concreteness in the world of "Kumiki".
Born in Odawara city
Estimated as an Excellent craft engineer by Kanagawa prefecture.
Authorized as a proprietor of an important cultural asset by Odawara city.
This is a first authorization in the category of Hakone woodcraft.
Held his private art exhibition at Tokyo Matsuya Department Store. Title; "Molding of Kumiki" Awarded for his excellent work by the president in the Industrial Design competition held by Kanagawa prefecture.
Awarded for his excellent work by the president of NHK in the 12th Japan traditional craft exhibition.
Appointed as a judge of craft skill by Kanagawa prefecture.
Awarded for his contribution to Odawara city.
Held his private art exhibition in Tokyo. Title; "Woodcraft through 100 years by 5 generations".
Authorized as a prominent craftsman by Kanagawa prefecture.
He employed the fun of composition for the style of "Kumiki" which was concrete as for the former efficiently, and added the abstract style.
He loved the color and grain of a natural tree , and has got high evaluation from the world of a space design about the combination of the warmth of the abstract design and natural tree.
Demonstrated his craft skill in front of the Princess Michiko (Empress Michiko of Today) in the 8th World Craft conference.

A puzzle in the dawn
The triangle to unite
The five balls

5th master Tadaaki Yamanaka

Never forget challenging spirit to create next age of Hakone-Kumiki.
Dec. 1961.
Born in Odawara city
  Graduated from Nihon industrial College. (Graphic Design).
Studied about craft under Shigeo Yamanaka, the 4th generation of YAMANAKA KUMIKI WORKS INC. since 20 years old.
Mar. 1989.
Awarded for the excellent craft skill in the Hakone Product's Design competition.
Title:"Kumiki with Ichimatsu pattern".
Nov. 1990.
Authorized as an excellent junior craftsman by Kanagawa prefecture.
Awarded for the art craft in Hakone Product Design competition.
Title: "3 works of interior variation" One of his works has been estimated as the best in his work.
"Never forget challenging spirit." is my faith.
Everyday , I do try to create much better Kumiki
which makes people to feel wind of new era.
1993 Robot


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